GRS Post-Op Day 29 – Ass Officially Kicked

Probably part of it is still jet lag, but the trip back from Thailand really took a lot out of me.
Dilations this morning weren’t fun, but were better. But simply unpacking the suitcases and putting away stuff has left me wiped out.
The trip definitely caused some swelling too. Been walking very slowly and carefully since I got back. I know it’s a temporary setback, but still sucks after being pretty mobile at the end of the trip.
Trying to keep in mind my advice to others: after surgery only do 20 percent of what you think you’re capable doing, since you’re running on reserves, and when the reserves run out, you can have some really nasty energy crashes. And by the time you think you might have overextended yourself, it’s far too late. (Thankfully it only happened once in Buenos Aires after my facial feminization surgery, but there was an incident where I was very seriously thinking about taking a taxi only five blocks back to the apartment because I had serious doubts about whether I could walk back myself.)
But the thing that sucks the most is having to time my life around pain killers, since at the moment I’m back to having to take them every four hours.