GRS Post-Op Day 26 – No More Static in the Attic

One thing that’s been lovely here is watching some of the other patients really blossom.
One of them was almost manic tonight on the chat app we use here, gushing about how, after being Spock-like all her life, she’s finally able really feel emotions, and make connections to people.
It’s nothing to do with the surgery itself — albeit, she no longer has any testosterone in her system — rather it’s surgery seems to have unlocked something in her psychically.
Probably a combination of no longer having the constant “static in the attic” that comes with gender dysphoria, plus being in a place where she can truly be herself. (While there’s some official discrimination against trans people in Thailand, the Thai people here truly don’t care whether one is transgender.)
Not to mention being with others who’ve been through a difficult and intense experience, and come through the other side tends to cause some rapid bonding. We few, we happy few, we band of sisters.