GRS Post-Op Day 24 – Mall Rat afternoon

Mall Rat afternoon at Chon Buri’s Central Plaza mall, just for a change of scenery — and of cuisine. The third floor here is mostly restaurant, and for some reason there’s lot of Japanese restaurants. So bento box with sashimi!
This particular mall is pretty “Western” — except in lots of ways that it’s not. The ground floor looks a lot like your standard mall, but you get further back, there’s things like what appears to be auto dealership selling cars in the middle of the mall walkway.
The second floor is home to 40+ stalls (I lost count) selling cell phone accessories. Not sure how they all stay in business, but evidently there must be enough.
Basement floor has lots of little stalls (like 6×6) selling clothing. Lots of cute stuff, but sadly I’m not Asian-sized, so almost all of it is too small.
But it’s enjoyable just soaking up the atmosphere. I’ve not had an overseas trip for a vacation in a couple years, and this makes me realize how much I miss that. There’s something about being in an unfamiliar environment and culture that’s very stimulating and rejuvenating for me.