GRS Post-Op 24 – Crash Out Time

TMW you have a complete post-surgery energy crash. I got back from the mall this afternoon and planned to take a short nap before dilating — and work up hours later, only because I’d set an alarm for when to take my next round of pain meds. Otherwise I would’ve probably slept all night.
I’ve reminded people about the good advice I got before my facial feminization surgery: only do 20% of what you think you’re capable of doing, since you’re running on reserves.
Obviously, I wasn’t good about following my own advice….
I think it was due to a combination of a couple long walks in the past few days, plus the continued sleep deprivation, since I’m usually waking up several times a night due to pain, or the need to take pain meds. And being outside the last couple days have meant I’ve missed my afternoon nap.
Clearly tomorrow needs to be more of a rest day, although the only thing on the agenda is a two-hour Thai massage.
But good lesson to remember when I’m back home.