GRS Post-Op Day 14 – Meeting Mr. Big

My insides have healed enough that it’s time to start the more aggressive form of dilation. Instead of simply inserting the dilator and (once I’ve reached 7″ of full depth) waiting for a half-hour, now it’s, reaching full depth and then:

– 15 seconds of pressing inward on the dilator to keep the scar contracture from reducing depth,

then switching to

– 15 seconds of “stirring” the dilator at the vaginal opening to widen it

Repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat for 15 minutes.

Then I switch to the large size dilator and repeat the process for another 5-10 minutes. Thankfully it’s not that important to achieve full-depth, since it’s more about widening the opening.

The medium dilator is 32mm wide and the large is 34mm wide, so it’s only actually a 2mm difference — but damn that looks a bit intimidating.

I’ve heard mixed things about this, some people find it more painful, while others find it’s easier because your mind has to be constantly engaged with what you’re doing, so that’s distracting.

Just waiting for the painkillers to full kick-in, and we’ll give it a go.

Wish me luck, because I’m gonna have to be doing this three time a day for the next three months (and then twice a day for months 4-6, and once a day for months 6-12).