GRS Post-Op Day 12 – Up the Beach

Got a bit of a break in the routine today. Every two weeks Dr. Suporn invites patients to a day at his beach house, which is a few miles.

Had another bit of early morning pain hit, and consequently overslept this morning. So I’d literally just sat down for breakfast when the vans arrived for the trip, and had to quickly wolf down a few bites.

On the way we stopped at the Najasaataichue Chinese Temple for a brief. It is believed to be the largest Chinese temple of its style and architecture in Thailand, and one of the most important Chinese temples in Chonbori.

Since it’s monsoon season, it’s generally be overcast all the time, but we did get some brief sun, and Dr. Suporn staff served a tasty lunch. The rest of the day was mostly spent lounging around, which was nice chance to talk with some of the other patients.

But the highlight of the day was the free Thai (or Western-style) massages offered to each visitor. Given the issues that have been building up with my body due to being confined to bed, and not always being able to rest in comfortable positions, I’d been wanting to do one anyway, and probably will do some more while I’m here.

Thai massage is definitely more vigorous than a typical Western-style massage — although not that much more physical than the ones I get regular at home with my therapeutic massage therapist — and definitely helped get many of the kinks out.

The only oversight was being clear that she needed to be gentle with the region just above my groin, which is still swollen and tender. While the massage therapist never directly touched that area, it was a bit painful when she had be lie face down and was pushing on my lower back. Lesson learned.

Overall, a good day, but I definitely exhausted. Still don’t have a lot of stamina.