GRS Post-Op Day 10 – Better Today, I Hope

Another miserable night of only getting about an hour of sleep at any given time thanks to pain and intestinal issues. But doing a lot better this morning.

So far, today’s (intentionally minimal) breakfast has stayed put, and the nurse brought some Imodium AD just in case. She also brought me some electrolytes to drink, since I was definitely getting dehydrated in a ways that weren’t healthy.

Scheduled to go into the clinic this afternoon to discuss potentially making the most potent painkiller available again — the hospital pharmacist refused to give it to me because it can have potential interactions with another drug I’m taking. Probably being overcautious from what I can tell, but hopefully there’s alternatives.

But more importantly, it looks like they’ll resume giving me morphine injections for another week or so, which should help me sleep through the night. Part of the issue is that I’ve got a *lot* of swelling around the surgical site and that’s both contributing to the pain, and making it extremely difficult for me to find a position where I can sleep without it hurting.

So hopefully once these can be resolved, I’ll be back to the normal recovery, which is still tough enough.