GRS Post-Op Day 8 – Good News/Bad News

Good news/bad news.
I finally saw the nurse, who was running late because they had to take another patient from the hotel back to the hospital (presumably because of complications).
The pain I’m having at the top of my groin — which makes it pain to stand up straight or lie flat — apparently is normal post-surgical pain.
Which I compounded by forgetting to use the cold pack last night while I slept (to keep the swelling down), as well as not taking pain killers *before* this morning’s dilation.
Been usually the cold packs today and they do seem to be helping. But the moderate-strength painkiller still isn’t enough to fully control the pain. May have to talk to them about it when I go into the clinic for a check-in on Monday.
There is a more powerful opiate-based painkiller that they normally use — but apparently it’s got some potentially bad interactions with one of my other medications, and so the pharmacist at the hospital refused to give it to me. If needed, hopefully they’ve got some alternatives, or worse case, it does look like side-effects are uncommon and since I probably only need it for a week or two, they may be able to give it to me as long as I’m closely monitored. I’ll also offer to discontinue the conflicting medication, since I think I can get by without it. We’ll see…
Hopefully the pain will come down by itself before Monday.