All Systems Are Go

Got my official “referral for genital reassignment surgery*” letter from my therapist this evening!
Unlike the prior letters from my medical doctors — which were strictly to try to get insurance to cover the surgery — this one is the critical one, since it means I’ve cleared the gatekeeping to get the surgery.
Because for better or worse, before you get GRS done, surgeons require you to get two letters** from your therapist/psychologist stating that you’re a “suitable” candidate for the surgery.
Since it’s a permanent, non-reversible surgery, I understand why surgeons want to make someone won’t have regrets (and potentially sue) later. OTOH, needless to say, the requirement also is at odds with the notion of patients having autonomy over their own bodies.
So yeah, getting the letter is a BFD.
*Also known as “sexual reassignment surgery.”
(Please don’t refer to it as “sex change,” since that’s a outmoded term that most trans people find offensive as a verb, and definitely offensive when used as a noun, i.e. referring to trans people as “sex changes.”
**Dr. Suporn has his own psychologist do an evaluation when you arrive in Thailand, that psychologist writes the second letter. It’s usually a pro forma thing,*** but they could refuse to give you the green light if they have concerns.

***Dr. Suporn has a waiting list of well over year, and by that point you’ve paid a hefty non-refundable surgical fee, so you have to be pretty committed to doing the surgery by the time you arrive in Thailand for the evaluation.