Month: March 2018

Size Is Only a Label

The irony in discovering that the Macy’s at Westfield has a huge plus size department is that the reason I came here was to confirm that I’ve lost enough weight — almost 30 pounds* — that I can fit into straight (i.e. “misses”) sizes.

It turns out I do, depending on the brand. Having lots of feelings around body image at the moment. Will post more about them later when I get a chance to process them.

*While I’m a firm believer that people can be healthy at any size, my eating habits previously weren’t healthy and were starting to cause serious problems for my diabetes. I also need to meet a weight limit for the upcoming genital assignment surgery in July.

So I needed to make some serious changes in diet and lifestyle. Fortunately, for me, switching to a minimal carb diet (not keto, but close) has been quite effective over the past 9 months.

The most important changes have been in my blood tests, regardless of my weight. If you feel the need to congratulate me, congratulate for that. Because I’m not a better person these days, just a healthier one (who also happens to be thinner).