Boobs! Post-surgery, Day 0

Sorry, unlike my facial feminization surgery there won’t be photos this time around. Not that I can see my boobs anyway, between being held down tight with a sports bra and compression bandage.

I did mine under the muscle, and it’s a large implant (700cc), which for me is proportionate (D cup, about what I was pre-surgery). I’m told it hurts a lot the first few days because they cut through the pec itself, but more importantly the pec has sudden been stretched faaar further than it’s used to.

With the pain killers, it doesn’t hurt as much as it’s really sore. Probably a bit worse that typical because I also did some underarm liposuction, so there’s extra swelling (and the bandage they’d normally do for the lipo doesn’t work if you’ve also done breast implants).

More range of motion than I expected — although just because I can move, doesn’t mean I want to move. But means I can get in and out of (baggy) clothes more easily than I thought. Important for me because I live alone.