Adventures In Body Modifications

Finally got on the calendar for having bottom surgery about a year from now, with the one of best surgeons in the world for that operation, who’s retiring in mid-2019.

Lots of feels — it’s a mixture of excitement and “holy fuck, what I am doing?!” (it’s a demanding surgery physically, I’ll be in Thailand for a month for the immediate post-surgical recovery, the after-care takes over your life for the better part of year, and yeah, I’d be radically changing my body).

Lots of self-examination coming up to make sure I truly want to do it. Fortunately, I’m not one of those trans people who feels like their genitals are some sort of alien appendage. OTOH, I’d feel much more congruent with an innie rather than an outie.*

But given circumstances, it makes sense to at least get a date reserved, since he’s fully booked for the next 1-1/2 years until his retirement date.

* TMI warning: Contrary to popular lore, no they don’t cut it off, rather they quite literally turn things inside out, and then reshape the analogous tissue to match its counterpart in female genitalia. (We’re all born with the same materials in our genitals, it just gets shaped differently depending on which sex-related hormones we’re exposed to in the womb.) And yes, the result looks and performs like a factory-installed model — this surgeon in particular is known for the quality of his results in that regard.