Hair Transplants, Round 2

For those of you curious about what my new hairline will look like once the hair transplants eventually grow in. Photos below the fold, because gorlesque show girl. (Nothing super gory, but my forehead currently is a collection of 2,000 tiny scabs where the follicles were relocated.)

Some of this is adding some additional follicles to areas that were done in the first transplant, in order to thicken up the hair density.

The forehead actually doesn’t hurt that much because it doesn’t have a lot of nerves.

But the back of the head, where they remove a strip of your scalp (which gets dissected into individual follicles) is pretty uncomfortable right now. Besides the pain, it makes the scalp really tight, so I can’t turn my head too far to the side until it eventually stretches out again.

I won’t start seeing the results for about three months since the after being transplanted the follicles go into “transplant shock,” and the hair falls out and the follicles go into the normal dormant cycle and you just have to wait until the hair starts growing again.