Even Downtown, Voices Carry

Had my first session with my speech therapist in two months. (We aIso realized it was a year ago that I started working with her.)

The good news: I’ve pretty much internalized the shift from chest resonance (default male speaking voice) to head resonance (default female speaking voice — due to anatomical differences). So I’m doing it automatically and consistently.

Semi-good news: Switching to women’s inflection (pitch) patterns —which are pretty much 180 Vdegrees different from men’s inflection patterns — is progressing well, although not fully internalized, since I still often drop pitch at the ends of words, instead of keeping the pitch neutral or upwards.

Frustrating news: My overall pitch dropped again. Then again, I expected some regression since I didn’t speak a lot during the month I was in Buenos Aires.

Semi-good news: Women’s voices drop in pitch over their lifespan, so my voice it still within the lower-end of the pitch range for other “women of a certain age.”

Good news: Getting the pitch up consistently is one of the easier things to practice myself, since I can use a voice training app to monitor the pitch while I speak.