Facial Feminization Surgery – Day 21

Day 10 after round 2 of surgery: (lowering the hairline, brow reduction (which includes “opening” eyes by reducing the orbital bones). Day 21 since the first round of surgery. Without and with wig.

Doctor came by and removed almost all the stitches from the first surgery. The remaining stitches and the stitches from the second surgery will be removed on Monday. I’ll be really glad to get the stitches under my nose removed — with the black eyes fading, I’m almost looking normal again, except for the stitches.

I’ve finally have been sleeping better the last couple nights, and I’m definitely feeling stronger and more energetic as a result — although I still need to be really careful about not overdoing things. But it’s so nice to finally be able to get out of the apartment during the day to walk around and see things.