Facial Feminization Surgery – Day 20

Day 9 after round 2 of surgery: (lowering the hairline, brow reduction (which includes “opening” eyes by reducing the orbital bones). Day 20 since the first round of surgery.

Day-to-day changes are less apparent now, but I’m starting to look relatively normal, especially when wearing my wig, aside from the rather obvious stitches at the base of my nose. Still have a weird dark bruise on my left check (which you can’t really see in the photos) that developed after the second round of surgery. Definitely feels like the bruise is over one of the muscles that remains pretty swollen and tight on both sides.

I haven’t worn my wig much post-surgery. It’s been really hot here, plus during the day I need to wear a broad-brimmed hat to avoid sun-induced post-surgical bruising (and the hat barely fits my big ol’ head even without a wig). But it’s cool enough I may wear the wig when I go out for dinner tonight, because it does make a big difference in how well as blend in as apparently cisgendered.