Is It All Worth It?

People have asked me if I’m happy with the changes in my face so far.

The answer is yes, definitely yes. It’s far beyond what I was expecting. Originally my hopes were just to undo what testosterone did to my face, but I’m feeling much more attractive now (while still looking like “me”).

Some people have temporary “what have I done?” reactions (changing your face is a bit primal). Not me. When I look at photos from before surgery, that’s that face which looks odd and “not quite me” now.

I’ll be interested to see what my nose looks like once the splint comes off. Every surgeon I consulted said to expect limited results since the skin is really thick and that limits how much reshaping they can do (essentially the skin drapes over the cartilage like fabric, and thicker skin is stiffer).

The changes will probably far more noticeable in profile view (which is hard for me to take photos of), since the main goal was to reduce the size to make it more proportionate, as well as removing the “dorsal hump” which is a male/female anatomical difference among people of my ethnicity, and some subtle changes to the angle of the tip of the nose, which is also a male/female anatomical difference.

Plus in general, even though the swelling goes down enough in 2-3 weeks that a casual observer won’t know that you’ve had a nose job done, apparently the nose doesn’t photograph well for up to three months (when 70-80% of the swelling is gone).