Facial Feminization Surgery – Day 13

Day 2 after round 2 of surgery: (lowering the hairline, brow reduction (which includes “opening” eyes by reducing the orbital bones). Head bandages temporarily pushed back so the brow line is visible.

My surgeon said he removed a bit more than 3/4-inch of scalp at the brow line, but looks like that was probably more in the “corners” of where there was receding hair on the sides, although the center is a bit lower as well. I was worried he might’ve gone a little low, since when I get back, I’ll do a second round of hair transplants to cover the hairline scar, but looks like there’s plenty of room to do that. The second hair transplant will also fill in the remaining corners to “round off” the hairline, although it’ll take months for the hair to grow back after being transplanted.

As mentioned, the brows are intentionally slightly high, since they’ll “settle” downward in the coming weeks.

Black eyes seem a bit better, although oddly I’ve now got some bruising on the side of my cheek. Go figure.

In general, it’s not really painful. (Nose jobs usually aren’t.) There is a bit of soreness along the side of my head where the brownie incisions end. Most my facial just feels odd again. Not unsurprisingly, my my forehead, and particularly the sides of my forehead feel really tight.

Oh, and can I tell you just how amazingly annoying it is to not be able to blow your nose.* Only three more weeks to go….

* This is normal post-op stuff after rhinoplasty, but in my case, it’s extra important because — to reduce the male brow ridge — my surgeon removed good chunk of the frontal bone over my sinuses, and then reset it at a different angle. So too much air pressure in the sinuses can be really problematic.

Last night was long, long night…. Woke up about once an hour or so.

Besides just being exhausted, I’m pretty weak and definitely ravenous. My body really needs energy to heal itself. After a round of cold packs and we’ll see if I can make it across the street to the cafe for coffee and croissants (the Argentines generally just do a light Continental-style breakfast).

TMI, post-surgical stuff….

This morning I discovered the hard way that it’s too soon to remove the nasal packing. Nothing particularly bad happened, just continued bleeding, so I stuffed some replacement cotton in there. Good side is that I really should’ve changed it last night, so hopefully this time wherever the bleeding is coming from will get a chance to dry out and heal.

Black eye is looking a bit better, and I took a peek at the hairline stitches, which look good. My surgeon did a nice job of lowering the hairline, but the scar is right in front of the hairline, so it’s going to be pretty obvious until the second round of hair transplants cover it up. (Hairline scars never heal well because the forehead is under tension and moves a lot — both of which are detrimental to scars healing well.)