Facial Feminization Surgery – Day 11

Doctors almost let me go home, but decided to keep me at the hospital overnight. Just really thankful about that I was able to sit up and walk to the bathroom myself at the hospital this time around.

The hospital beds both times were really uncomfortable, and because I needed to keep my head raised, it put pressure on my lower back, butt and tailbone. Last time around I was confined to bed the entire time and consquently I was stiff and sore for a week.

This time, I was able to ask for an extra pillow under my butt, and because they didn’t have the inflatable leg compression sleeves (to prevent blood clots, I was able to turn on my sides, which helped, as did being able sit up on the edge of the bed. Still a bit sore, but nothing like last time.

They seemingly were less concerned about my health this time around, since they just had a translator watching me overnight in my room — unlike the English-speaking medical resident last time — and they didn’t ask her to stay at the apartment for an additional six hours like last time. Like medical resident last time, the translator thought I looked much stronger than most of the other patients she’s sat with.

It’s good to be home — I was just released from the hospital this morning and I’m back at the apartment. A bit bruised, but the doctor said I’m healing well.

Will be able to take the packing out my nose tomorrow, which earlier than I expected. So I’m really happy about that, since it’s uncomfortable breathing through my mouth.

But…. then was that that moment when I go to put the ice packs in the freezer so I can apply cold packs to your forehead — and I realized I forgot to take them out of the freezer before going to the hospital and they’re frozen rock hard and I’ll need to let them thaw out so that they’ll bend. Oops.