Facial Feminization Surgery – Day 9

Day 9 post-surgery for round 1 (eye lift, cheek , jaw reshaping, under neck lipo, cheek lipo, neck and face lift — required when one does jaw work).

I’m kicking myself for not taking a “before” picture when I got down here, and I’ve been looking through my FB photos to see if I could find any where I’m directly facing the camera, with a neutral expression. Which has been a challenge, since I always thought it was one my most unflattering poses.

But I did find a few, and thing that struck me is how “open” my eyes look after the eye lift* (they do the eye lift as part of the round 1 surgery, since they also use the incision to do some of the other facial procedures).

Losing the jowls (which I’ve hated for years) is obviously huge as well, and definitely give my face a whole new character. But the eyes…

One of the side effects of the surgery is I’ve noticed I’ve become more farsighted, perhaps due to the swelling around my eyes. It’ll be interesting to see if this is a permanent change.

Fortunately, I’d brought a pair of reading glasses with me, even though previously I’d rarely used them, just in case.

* Part of it is the eyes truly are more open because I can see more sclera (white areas) above/below the pupils, than in the older photos. Part of it is it looks like I have less bags under my eyes, although that’s tough to be sure of until the swelling goes away.