Facial Feminization Surgery – Day 7

Day 7 post-surgery for round 1 (eye lift, cheek , jaw reshaping, under neck lipo, cheek lipo, neck and face lift — required when one does jaw work).

Reductions in swelling are less obvious now, although I can see them when I put yesterday’s and today’s photos side-by-side. The right side is developing a nice curve to it — although there’s still swelling around and under the jaw on both sides, that makes it hard to guess the subtlies of what the final results will look like.

Need to reapply some lotion, since I can feel soreness from all the massage.

Need to shave this morning (still some electrolysis to go when I get back) and it’s a bit challenging when I can’t feel my face from the mid-cheek back. It’s due to nerves that were cut during surgery and should be temporary until they grow back.

Still look like I got the shit beaten out of me, and I can see people’s eyes flick toward me when I’m at a restaurant or cafe.

My face is still a work in progress, but I’m definitely getting a good idea about what I’ll look like when the swelling is gone.

Round 2, which includes nose job, opening up the eyes (by reducing the orbital bones), brow lift, brow ridge reduction, lowering the hairline, and probably a lip lift is on Monday.

I think it was Michelangelo who said the forms of his sculpture were already existed, he just removed the stone to reveal them. I feel something similar.

Already I’m feeling like a new person as it were. A photographer posted some great photos from my show — and I look at photos of me and it feels like looking at long-lost cousin. It’s the old face, not the new one that feels odd and foreign.

Taking a break from steak tonight. We’ll see what the pizza place’s pepperoni (listed under “American favorites”) looks like.

(Because a third of the country is descended from Italian immigrants, there’s at least as many pizza places as there are steak houses, most restaurants have pasta on the menu.)

Just disappointed because I was hoping to have sushi, but the restaurant said it’s by reservation only. Since the restaurant was pretty empty I’m not quite sure that’s true — although 8:30 is very early by Argentine standards — or if they were put off by my scary appearance. Whatevah…