Facial Feminization Surgery – Day 5

Day 5 post-surgery for round 1 (eye lift, cheek , jaw reshaping, under neck lipo, cheek lipo, neck and face lift — required when one does jaw work).

Swelling is definitely coming down, although the left side of my face remains stubbornly swollen. But the right side gives an indication of what the new jawline will look like when the remaining swelling goes away.

Lots more yellow bruising appearing, which I suppose is a good sign, since it means the fluid is breaking down. Black eyes are slowly improving as well, as is the hemorrhage in my right eye, which you can’t really see. (Eye hemorrhages look scary, but they’re benign, it just means a blood vessel in my an burst during surgery.)

Can’t really see the cheekbone implants yet because of the swelling, but I can easily feel them now.

Hate how high my hairline is, but round 2 (which include lowering the hairline), as well as a second round of hair transplants when I get back, will take care of that.

Depending on how stretchy my scalp is, they’re aiming to lower my hairline 3/8 to 5/8 inches, since their hairline sits lower on females. The second round of hair transplants will lower it a bit further to cover the scar from the brow surgery — which basically runs from ear to ear along the hairline. The second hair transplant will also fill in the male pattern baldness recession in the corners of the hairline, so that I end with an “upside U” hairline, which is the prototypical female hairline.

(Note: Because I was going out today, I painted in my brows, which are normally so blonde that they’re invisible, and put on some lipstick.)

And finally: major milestone achieved. The swelling has gone down enough that I can use the face mask to hold the cold packs (previously my head was too big for it to fasten in back).

Means I can be up and use my hands while doing the cold packs, instead of having to lie down and/or hold them in place.

And why yes, I do look like Hannibal Lecter…