Facial Feminization Surgery – Day 1

Day 1 post-surgery (eye lift, cheek implants, jaw reshaping, under neck lipo, cheek lipo, face lift — required when one does jaw work).

Why yes, I do look I got hit by a truck.

I got back to the apartment this afternoon and I’m feeling pretty good considering. Though I kind of look like Peter Pumpkinhead at the moment.

They had a medical resident spend the night afternoon/night with me at the hospital, and she’ll be with me again until 9 tonight.

She said I’ve been in the best shape of the other patients she’s seen, most of whom are out-of-it, or who complain a lot. So that bodes well.

Doctor will come to the apartment tomorrow for a another follow-up.

Much like jet lag with me — it seems like the fatigue is hitting the second day. (Didn’t help that I was really uncomfortable and didn’t sleep well last night.) This afternoon was a rotation of naps, ice packs to the face, and water, milk, soup and yogurt. (Re-hydrating and flushing out the remnents of the anesthesia if really important.)

About to crash out again — except…. thought I’d rented a top-floor apartment (one factor in choosing the place), but it turns out the super and his kids live above me. For most of the days I’ve been here one, them seems to spend 10-15 minutes dragging furniture or heavy objects across the floor. I dunno, maybe it’s a dog chasing a ball across the hardwood floor.

I’d go upstairs and ask them if they could be a little quieter, but that’s a conversation far beyond my limited Spanish, and besides, that would mean having to climb a flight of stairs, which I’m not allowed to do (the elevator stops at my floor). Hopefully, they’re wrapping up tonight.