As Ready As I’ll Ever Be

So tomorrow morning is the first round of facial feminization surgery — they pick me up at 6:30 a.m. Ugh.

Looking forward to it, albeit a little nervous, since it is major surgery (they’re doing a half-dozen procedures in each round). But if I wasn’t a little nervous, I’d be worried.

About to go out for an early (by Argentine standards) dinner, since no food or liquids after 9 tonight, except for a few sips to take some medications in the morning. So I’m drinking All The Water beforehand. One final steak and lots of crunchy bread before I’ll be on soft foods for a week or more after tomorrow’s surgery.

I’ll be staying overnight at the hospital afterwards, and consequently will be incommunicado, and I’m not sure how soon I’ll be up to providing an update when I get home. So I’ve asked the surgical coordinator to email some folks when I’m out of surgery and when I’m home, so that they can pass word along.

Some folks have expressed concerns about post-surgical care since I’m traveling solo, but I should be fine. I’ve asked to have a stay-in nurse for at least the first day I’m home, longer if I feel it’s necessary, and the surgeon’s office will do regular check-ins during the days afterwards, with either them coming to my apartment, or them driving me to their office.

“Recovery nest” has been prepped. Daybed so I can sleep upright, with view of TV and laptop (for movies — we’ll see how well streaming movies work down here.)

Various cold packs, with instructions for the nurse on what to do with them. Ricola and dry mouth lozenges — although they’re more for round two when I won’t be able to breath through my nose for a week.

13 liters of water in the kitchen, 3 liters of milk and lots of yogurt in the fridge, with eggs for later on when I can handle semi-solid food. Lots of soup — Argentina only has instant soup — and packs of body builder-style protein powder, which can be mixed with water or milk. Probably vile, but ensures I’m also getting some protein. Sliced bread that can be dunked in milk, when I can handle semi-solid food. Canned pears. And chocolate. Because chocolate.

See you on the other side.