Thunderbirds Are Go!

Checked into my apartment for the next month. Quite lovely, with some nice views. There’s a balcony off the bedroom, and the kitchen even has a mini-balcony too. It was a little bit more expensive than some of the other apartments, but it was also much more attractive, and given I’ll be cooped up in here a for a number of days post-surgeries, it was worth having a place where I felt more comfortable.

Then I stocked on groceries and had them delivered — you go to the store, get your items, and at checkout you ask for a delivery.

Even though the grocery store is almost next door to the apartment, it’s worth it, since I mostly filled the cart, including three 5.5 liter bottles of water. Even though the guidebooks say the water in Buenos Aires is quite safe, the locals still drink bottled. And since there will be incisions inside my mouth, better safe than sorry.

Got lots and yogurt and soup, since the first surgery involved jaw work, and you can’t eat solid food for probably a week afterwards. (They don’t wire your jaw shut, but it’s still no fun.)

Planning to eat all the crunchy things before surgery on Thursday.

Had a brief scare. I took a brief nap — and that’s when the surgeon’s office called to ask say that Dr. DiMaggio wanted to come over a 7 for the pre-surgical consultation. And of course, I woke a few minutes before 7.

Tried to get ahold of him, but no luck so far. Because it seems to have been one damn thing after another for the past month.

Fortunately, Dr. DiMaggio showed up for the pre-surgical exam anyway.

Poked, prodded and photographed. He got to see me inside and out, since he went through my x-rays. We talked about the about procedures, he’ll be doing, and the particular challenges in my case.

He recommended I not look in the mirror for two weeks after the first surgery, since I’ll look like a hot mess between swelling and bruising. That said, I’m prepared for that, it’s just part of the process unfortunately.

He seemed satisfied with my health, since he gave me permission to do a day trip to Uruguay tomorrow. It’s only about a 40-minute ferry ride to one of the historic old towns there, which is on the UNESCO Heritage Sites list.