I’m Officially Me

I’m now officially “Marla Christina [lastName]”! (I ended up changing my forever name from Marlena to Marla. Because reasons.)

Got the court order this morning. Could’ve done without the deadnaming when the judge called out the case, but otherwise he congratulated me.

Got the Social Security info changed — although I realized the receipt I got doesn’t specify whether the clerk changed my gender mark (the letter just talks about the new card I’ll be receiving).

Picked up the form to change my birth certificate — you can’t download it online because it uses “special paper,” which frankly felt like just slightly heavier paper (I was assuming it had some security watermarks or something like that.) Both the clerk and I agreed it’s pretty silly. Have to fill it out and send in it. Hopefully get it in the mail this afternoon.

Social Security said to wait a couple days to go to the DMV to make sure records are updated. But hopefully, that’ll be done by the time I go in to the DMV Friday afternoon. (Yay, DMV appointment system!)

Oh well, OTOH, I can go to my local bank and both put a copy of the court order and the Social Security receipt in the safety deposit box, and put in the paperwork for the name change.

Then call my credit union that’s in SoCal to ask about how to do the name change remotely. (I kept it because offer a better deal than my local bank on some things; and it’s useful to have a separate account to put savings into, out of sight, less temptation to tap into it when I don’t need to; and it’s useful to have two ATM cards when I travel, just in case there’s a problem with one of them.)

Also need to call the passport office and schedule an appointment for expedited processing of the passport.

And then there’s work…

Co-workers are already asking when I’m changing my work email and when I’m coming into work as Marla. Asked HR to go ahead and change things in the company directory, etc. Not sure about when I want to start presenting as Marla. There’s an off-site celebration of my 10-year anniversary with the company (that’s whole separate from transition), and that might make a good place to make a “coming out” debut, since the DMV appointment is right beforehand anyway. And then start presenting as a woman on Monday.

I dunno… everything feels like Tetris, level 1000, at the moment.*

* Especially because they’re also fast-tracking treatment of my pinched nerve.