I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Today’s to-do list:

  • Go the court, get name and gender legally changed. Check.
  • Go to Court Clerks office, get certified copies of court order (needed to do changes with other government agencies and business. Check.
  • Go to County Recorder’s Office, pick up forms to change birth certificate (you can’t download them). Check.
  • Change Social Security info’s name and gender. Check.
  • Schedule appointment with DMV (Social Security said to wait a couple days for their info to get synched with the DMV). Check.
  • Email discussions with managers and HR about moving up the date that I start working as a woman (co-workers are eager for me to do it sooner rather than later). In Progress.
  • Add “Marla” as a authorized user to credit cards, as a quick way to get credit cards matching my new IDs (still will need to change the accounts later). Check.
  • Change name on local bank account, order new checks and ATM card. Check.
  • Wire transfer deposit for facial feminization surgery. Nope. Surgeon’s office forget to provide an address needed.
  • Email surgeon’s office, and get missing address, so I can try again tomorrow. Check.
  • Session with gender therapist. Check.
  • Session with speech therapist. Check.
  • Get home late.
  • Ask for advice about whether to do second round of hair transplants (to cover the pre-hairline incision scar) while I’m in Buenos Aires, or when I get back.

Still to do tonight:

  • Fill out forms to change birth certificate, so that I can go to the Post Office tomorrow and mail them with tracking and return receipt.
  • – Sleep?


  • Lather, rinse, repeat — albeit with different tasks.