10, 9, 8, 7…

So yeah, I’ve been a bit absent. I’m in the throes of the last big push toward transition and just haven’t had a lot of energy for posting We now rejoin our heroine…

Next Tuesday, I’ll be coming out at work. It’ll be relatively low key — I’m just telling my immediate team, plus other people I interact with, or have worked with in the past, or just have know a long time. Although obviously word will spread more broadly over time.

The following day is the court hearing for my legal name/gender change, and I should have the court order that day. Then begins the mad scramble to get my Social Security info, driver’s license, passport and major credit cards changed before I leave on New Year’s Eve (well actually 12:01 a.m. New Year’s Day) for Buenos Aires, where I’ll be down there for a month having facial feminization surgery.

Originally I wasn’t going to change my ID until I got back because I was traveling for BurlyCon, Thanksgiving and Christmas, which made the timing problematic. But given the election, I’m not willing to wait until after Jan. 20 to changes things.

The big PITA is my passport because the timing is too tight to do it by mail even with expediting. I can go to the regional passport center in San Francisco, but they’ll only see if your trip is less than two weeks away. But I probably can’t buy the plane ticket until the passport changes, so it means the fares will jump considerably for the outbound flight. If I have to eat the cost, so be it.

Though I’m trying to see if:

1) I can talk my way into getting into the passport center early — although the timing is really tight, especially since I need to get my Social Security info change first; or

2) gamble and book the ticket now under the new name — the passport number won’t change (postscript: I was wrong, it’s actually different number) and since technically it’s a “replacement” passport, the issued/expiration dates won’t either. A couple years ago, I made a very expensive mistake when I screwed up the name on the airline ticket and it didn’t match the passport — so I’m assuming they don’t check the passport info again the ticket until you get to the airport. But some friends offered to investigate and see if this is a viable strategy.

OTOH, having gender-congruent ID when travel overseas will avoid some of the issues I’d worried about earlier when I wasn’t going to have that.

I did just get the apartment in BA squared away — managed to get a lovely apartment for the month in the Alta Palermo barrio. A little more expensive and a bit further away from the happening parts of Palermo, but it was so warm, inviting and full of light I couldn’t pass it up, especially as I’ll be cooped up there for a more than few days. Top floor apartment with some good views, and one of the things that closed the deal is that it’s got a balcony. So even when I don’t have the energy to go outside, I can at least sit outside for a bit. There’s a supermarket half a block away, and while I didn’t realize it when I booked it, there’s a large hospital two blocks away just in case of any medical emergency. Only downside is that it’s a little noisy because it’s on a major street, and apparently the TVs are a bit old, which may thwart my plans to bring along my AppleTV and have movies on the iPad appear on the TV.

I’ve also realized that, since I’m out to my family and will be visiting for Christmas, my real full-time transition date will probably be Dec. 23rd or 24th rather than New Year’s, which what I’d originally planned.

Excited? A bit. But mostly I’m at that “can’t we just get this shit over with” phase. Mood will undoubtedly improve once I get past the seemingly endless list of things I need to do before the end of December.