Legal Name/Gender Changes

Speaking of time flying… The court hearing on my legal name/gender change is a week from today — normally it’s just a formality, so I should have the court order in hand that day.

Although that’s the just the first step. Then you have to actually go change all your legal ID, and everything else with your legal name on it, which can take quite awhile.

Again I’m really privileged and lucky. I’m able to afford the $435 court fees (and California is a state where you can do a name/gender yourself without getting a lawyer involved). I’m able to afford the certificated copies of the court order at $25 each — I’ll probably need at least five: for the Social Security office (which every other government record references), DMV, passport, and the TSA PRE program; plus one to go in the safe deposit box). I also have an employer who’s supportive of me taking the time off to file the petition and for hearing itself.

Many trans people aren’t able to do all that.

FYI, the Transgender Law Center has an excellent resource on handling all the ID changes. It’s California-focused, but much of it is similar for other states.