Some to Do, So Little Coffee

I realized I’ve just been feeling exhausted lately is that transition not only takes up a good amount of mental/emotional energy, but also by just the sheer amount of time it’s taking up.

Appointments with my electrologist, gender therapist, and speech therapist usually take up 10 hours a week. Then there’s been regular drives up to San Francisco to see the hormones doc, and time needed for the related blood tests to monitor things for him. Plus last weekend’s visit to Mom so she could meet me, the time spent this past two weeks with my brother and the relatives after the coming email. Laser hair removal for my body every 6-8 weeks. Dealing with the surgeon’s office for my upcoming facial feminization surgery in January and having to book flights and place to live during the recovery. Getting the paperwork together for my legal name and gender change, going to the bank to get my birth certificate out of the safe deposit box, going to the courthouse next week to file the paperwork. Going through my male clothes and getting rid of them.

With yet more stuff to do on the horizon.