When to Tell the Relatives?

Talking to Mom tonight about the ever-complicated question about which relatives we’ll be celebrating Christmas with,* which has implications of which one of us flies to either SoCal or NorCal. It’s extra complicated this year because my brother from the East Coast has been making noises about visiting with his family for Christmas.

Which segued into her asking about when I’ll come out to him (as well as the other relatives). “Do you want me to tell him?” she asked.

Originally I’d planned to do it after the holidays — given the Christmas get-togethers with the relatives are invariably tense and awkward — but that wasn’t looking practical, so I told her that I’d probably do so after Thanksgiving, that way there would be enough lead-time that hopefully it wouldn’t take over Christmas dinner.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked. What indeed…

I’m probably going to move the time-table up to late October/early November, after I get back from vacation. We’ll see how it goes. If nothing else, it’ll be useful to know sooner rather than later whether I’m de-invited from attending.

* They always wait until the last minute to decide whose house we’re getting together at.