Am I the Last to See?

Had a good show last night at one of my regular burlesque shows — albeit just lip-synching (I’m not sure it’s really “drag” anymore…) a really raunchy Christmas parody song that’s become a holiday tradition at the show. (In fact the producer made a point of booking me for it, after we didn’t quite connect last year and I didn’t do the show.)

Afterwards, as he was counting up the money to pay me out, the producer mentioned he’d been talking about me with the producers of “Body Political” show, where I did the “Clothes Make the Woman” act (that’s about my experience of transformation). He said he’s found “my journey” over the past couple years to be fascinating to watch — seeing the change from [boyname] to really committing to being Joie,* including seeing my photos from the most recent BurlyCon (where I was there as a woman the entire time, including traveling to and from Seattle). He meant it in a complimentary “being true to yourself” kind of way.

It wasn’t really the time have a deeper conversation, and we got interrupted before the discussion went any further. But it got me thinking, am I the last to see what other people are seeing?

* “Joie” is how he knows me; like the drag world, there’s a lot of people in the burly world who I only know by their stage names.