Accidentally Outing Myself

Had lunch today with a co-worker who’s a fashionista (actually went to fashion school, although she’s doing something else). So we’ve enjoyed talking about clothes, which in turn led to a prior lunch.

I’d mentioned that I’ve been building a winter wardrobe (implicitly a women’s winter wardrobe from comments I’ve made) and just today I mentioned I was trying to learn how to do the scarf thing. Plus, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve worn nail polish to the office for a while now, stud earrings and started wearing my hair the way my stylist was experimenting with on Friday.

So during today’s lunch she asked if I had a special someone in my life (she’s married, so it was more of “getting to know you better” friendship question). I said I didn’t, and I wasn’t really looking at the moment, and anyway I was a bit of a specialized taste. “Why?” she asked. I’d been leaking gender enough with her that I just decided to come out. “Well as you’re probably guessed, I’m trans.” “Really,” she said, “I had no idea.”


Fortunately, it went well. She was very accepting. We talked a bit about Teh Tranz and me, and it turned out that she had an uncle who lived as woman (though reading between the lines, the uncle didn’t do any surgeries, legal name changes, etc.)

I don’t expect Teh Tranz to be a major topic of future conversation with her — as I told her, I’m not going to deny if someone asks, but I hope it’s the third or fourth most interesting thing about me — but it is nice to have someone I can be open with.