Face the Face

In a case of fortuitous timing, I got the assessment and photo simulations back from the woman who does the Virtual FFS site.

The good news is that she thinks the top half of my face is not very masculine to begin with (she couldn’t evaluate my lower face very well because of my jowls).

Her recommendations weren’t unexpected — the two big ones are a nose job to remove the hump on the upper bridge and make the tip less bulbous, as well as lowering the hairline. She also recommends removing the brow bossing, and having a lip lift since I’ve got a relatively long distance between the top lip and nostrils.

The simulations she did include all of these procedures, plus opening the orbits of the eye a little, as well as simulating the effect of hormones.

(If I lose a lot of weight, she said I may want to also consider surgery to reduce, narrow, and round the chin and reduce the jaw.)

The changes are more of the subtle side, but definitely do seem to make difference.

FWIW, besides the assessment and photo simulations, she also had advice about the types of hairline procedures that are possible, as well as what’s the best order to do certain procedures that affect overlapping areas (she does work with two plastic surgeons — presumably to do the photo simulations with them).

Obviously, it’s not gospel (and she’s careful about her caveats), but it was worth getting a POV from someone who’s a disinterested third-party.

E.g. she recommended not worrying about the naso-labial folds, even though most surgeons will try to take you into filling them even if they’re barely visible. Likewise, she cautioned against doing a chin reduction — unless I lose a lot of weight, which may cause the chin to look somewhat square — because doing so would cause me to get more jowly, since it would slacken the tension on the soft tissue (which in turn would probably mean getting a face lift).