Gimme a head with hair

I’ve been growing out my hair for the past couple months, and it’s started getting long enough that my stylist experimented tonight with some feminine styling.

Not my best look — there’s not much I can do about my hairline* — and wigs will probably always look better, but it would be nice not to always have to wear one.

* Though several people reminded me that extensions (clip-in or permanent) are a possibility

Not quite brave enough to wear it outside yet, but it’s still nice to be able to look in the mirror sans wig and see a more feminine me.

On a different note, my electrologist has been rather enthusiastic about trying to clear my upper lip. It definitely is starting to feel like there’s fewer whiskers, and today there were two finger tip-sized spots at the corners of my mouth that were totally clear. Admittedly, there’s likely to be regrowth, but it’s really nice to see progress. (There’s also two patches along the jawline, each about the size of two fingers that are more or less clear.)