Dance Along The Edge

So today after the Facebook protest, I changed outfits to something work appropriate — a sundress with a knit bolero, the same short hair as in my boudoir photo — and went into the office.

Officially, I said that it was because it was faster to change outfits than to go home and take off the make-up and shower to get rid of “wig hair.” (I’d mentioned ahead of time that I might do this, and my boss was OK with it.) Plus I know people get a kick out of seeming me en femme every Halloween.

But that’s only partly true. I admit that it was pushing limits a bit. It was nice to be at work as my feminine self. Although I’m under no illusion that I was treated anything like I’d be treated if I was woman full-time.

The reactions were interesting. It’s a big enough office that I don’t know a lot of the newer people anymore, and they didn’t really react at all. Don’t know if they didn’t recognize me —– one of my co-workers said she didn’t initially.

For the people who did, some there some “hey looking good” reactions; some people did implicitly ask, which led to some good discussions about Facebook’s “Real Names” policy.

But yeah, for those who care to look, I suppose there’s some pretty clear hints that “it’s more than just for the stage.”

On Thursday morning, I head off to the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend. Unless I chicken out, I’m planning to fly en femme. Partly as test. Partly because there’s a chance to visit the Las Vegas Showgirl Museum, which is open by appointment only, and the timing is a bit tight between when my flight arrives and when the tour starts, so there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be able to check in a change in time.

Through happenstance, I ended up en femme pretty much all of last weekend and the weekend before. It was… nice. So I’m thinking of trying out living as Lena on the weekends. It really just means being willing to get ready a little earlier so I can do my make-up. I figure one of three things will happen: either I’ll reach a saturation point last previous times; or I’ll discover that (plus the occasional weeknight event) is sufficient to fulfill the need; or I’ll end up wanting to spend more and more off-work hours en femme. I suppose any one of those outcomes will be informative.

And so I inch closer to the edge…